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Hello there! I’m Lexi Shapiro, the owner and photographer of POSE PGH. My professional photographic journey has been a long one, spanning over the past ten years. My love of photography, however, reaches much further into the past. I began asking my mother to borrow her camera in order to get that perfect shot as early as age five. Shortly thereafter, I was gifted my very own tiny 35mm point-and-shoot, and the rest, as they say, was history. Throughout my high school years, you could almost always find me in the darkroom, whether at school or at my apprenticeship at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. In 2010, I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, being honored with the coveted Best in Show Portfolio award. Shortly after graduation, I had my first solo gallery exhibition and foray into the fine art sector. After freelancing in the commercial and editorial field for four years, taking on commissions from clients ranging from reality TV personalities to top fashion brands, I reevaluated my path and decided to plod a brave, new one into portraiture. Utilizing the skills I gained while working and studying in the commercial and fashion industries, my portraiture is composed, photographed, and retouched with a stylish, editorial eye and a modern, refined sophistication.

I truly have found my passion and my calling in life working with children. I thrive on tiny smiles, unabashed giggles, hugs, and high-fives. I love meeting all of you and your beautiful children. I love learning about your children as unique, special individuals and watching them grow up. I love making them happy and giving them the sort of treatment, pampering, and photographic session that’s normally reserved for adults. (Why should the adults get to have all of the fun?!) And lastly, I love creating work that holds so much meaning to families and will be around and on their walls for years and years to come. Even after the little ones grow to be not-so-little anymore, you can look back nostalgically on those adorable, frozen moments in time, and for a moment, you’re transported right back there to that wonderful day you spent together at the studio with me. I find so much happiness and fulfillment in my ability to give that to you, and I hope to meet you soon.