Children's Session FAQs

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Q: How far in advance should I book my session?
 This can vary a little bit seasonally, but as a rule, you'll want to inquire about booking your child's session 1-2 months ahead of the date you'd actually like to have the session on. Also keep in mind that prints and products have variable print times, and delivery of your order will range from 4-6 weeks after your Viewing and Ordering Session. So, make sure that your session is scheduled for a date at least 8 weeks before you'll need any prints or products that you'll be giving as gifts!

Q: How long will the session go on for?
This question is slightly tricky to answer, especially with younger children. We’ll allot between 60 minutes and 2 hours for your session (depending on which session you choose) and you should plan on being at the studio for that long. If they need it, I like to give children a little bit of time before the session to become comfortable in the new environment. This also provides enough extra time for outfit changes. This day should be a fun experience for everyone involved, big and small, so there’s no rush. I am not the most stringent with my session times and they are a rough estimate. If it takes a few extra minutes to create that magical shot, then so be it.

Q: What do I do if I need to reschedule? 
A: Life happens, and it happens to the best of us. You can reschedule your session once with at least two weeks’ notice.
It should be noted, however, that your pre-paid session fee is a guaranteed reservation of our services and time for the day, and as such is a nonrefundable retainer. While I will try to get you rescheduled quickly, because bookings are being taken 1-2 months in advance, please be advised that you may have to wait up to an additional month or so after your original date until I am able to reschedule you, especially during busier seasons.

Q: What will my level of my participation be?
A: Come prepared to be hands-on, but willing to sit back and relax if that’s how the session unfolds. With children in the year to year-and-a-half age range, a parent will most likely be sitting on set near their child for the majority of the session, helping support their weight and pose them as needed.  From a year-and-a-half up, we’ll start off with parents behind the photographer, and only bring them beside their child if need be. If a child is feeling uncomfortable, it is sometimes beneficial to have the parent pose for a few images with them (don’t worry – we can just delete these). Aside from this, your participation level will vary based on your child’s individual personality and needs. Some children will photograph better when Mom and/or Dad is willing to get a little silly. Some will photograph better when left to form a connection between themselves and the camera.

Q: What happens if my child has meltdown during the session?
A: Don’t panic! Kids will be kids, and their behavior and mood can be pretty unpredictable. Some children benefit from taking a few moments away from being photographed to play or get it out of their system and can return feeling refreshed and ready to go. Sometimes, though, there’s no saving the ship and it’s all hands on deck. If after 15 minutes, the uncooperativeness of the subject doesn’t change, the session will be called for the day. Depending on how far into the session the child makes it and how many images are created, you may be offered a day to come in for a reshoot.

Q: Do you provide wardrobe?
A: POSE PGH does not provide wardrobe for sessions. All of the clothing comes straight from the closets of my little clients. However, each session includes a complimentary in-home Styling and Planning Consultation, during which we'll go through your little ones' wardrobes and select pieces that will photograph well and are perfect for the color palette and mood of the session!

Q: Will I be getting digital files?
A: POSE PGH is a full-service photography studio, and as such, I wouldn’t be doing my job correctly if you left without beautiful, archival-quality printed images from my professional labs. For every purchased image, you will receive a web-resolution digital version for sharing on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. These images will be watermarked to prevent theft by third parties and protect both of us, so the watermark may not be cropped out. These images are complimentary, but not of proper quality to be printed. High-resolution digital files from your session are also available for purchase.

Q: Can I suggest a direction for the session or show you inspirational images?
A: Sure thing! I am always open to suggestions. If there's a particular editorial, advertisement, or image that resonates with you, seeing that is a valuable insight as to what sort of imagery you're drawn to and how I could better customize your session. I do want to advise you, however, that I won't be directly recreating a specific image. I want to ensure that your images are unique, and with all of the many variables involved, even if I attempted an exact recreation, the two images would not be identical. If you're looking for inspiration (or just have some free time to fill), POSE PGH has TUMBLR blog full of photos from past sessions, inspirational imagery, and current children's fashion trends.

Q: Do you photograph newborns?
A: At this time, POSE PGH does not offer newborn sessions. In order to get the most out of your session, it is recommended to wait until your child is at least 1 year old before scheduling them for their own, solo sitting. Most children start to take posing direction well around 2 – 2 ½ years of age, so if you’d like to schedule an Editorial Session, it’s best to wait until then.

Q: Can you tell me more about your referral program?
A: My referral program is my way of saying, "Thank you SO much!" You can read all about it here.

Q: Are you currently looking for models?
A: There can be some confusion, so I want to clearly state that POSE PGH is not a talent/modeling agency in any sense, even though I work with a lot of talented, beautiful children. Every now and then, I will be doing some portfolio work or photographing for a brand or store and will need a handful of models for these projects. Occasionally, I will post a model call for these openings. Unless there is currently a model call posted, please don't send in photos for consideration etc. I don't want them to get lost in the shuffle. The best way to stay in the loop and catch these model calls is to like POSE PGH on Facebook or subscribe to the newsletter.

Q: I'm looking to get my child started in the modeling industry. Can you help?
A: Absolutely! While I'm not currently directly affiliated with a talent/modeling agency, I've been creating imagery on the commercial/editorial side of the industry for a long time and am familiar with how the modeling industry works. I stay current and do my homework to understand what type of imagery is modern and necessary in your portfolio to succeed. Remember: the child modeling industry is just as competitive as the adult modeling industry. So, while I can't promise that every child I work with will get signed to an agency, I will photograph images that give them a better shot at getting there and I'm happy to serve as your advisor to help you get started.