The Picket Fence S/S 2016 Lookbook // Behind the Scenes

The Picket Fence Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook is officially a wrap!

This past Monday was definitely one of the top five most adorable days of my life thus far. After an epic model call and seeing these little faces just on my computer screen for a few weeks, it was such a pleasure to meet all the models (and their mamas!) in person and get to have such a fun time together. There was dancing, and fist-bumping, and jumping, and singing, and hugging, and, oh yes, there were juice boxes! While the weather refused to cooperate and forced us into a studio (seriously - snow in mid-April, what is this?!), I couldn't be happier with how the images turned out, and I'm so excited to edit and share with you soon.

A HUUUUGE thank-you to Tori for styling everyone to perfection, to Chris for assisting for the day and keeping things running smoothly (seven mini-models in one day could get a little crazy otherwise), and to Maureen and everyone at The Picket Fence for continuing to be wonderful to work with.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots that various people so graciously forwarded to me...