Why "Couture?" // Pittsburgh Children's Photographer

"POSE PGH is modern, couture portraiture with a fashionable twist."

When looking at my images, it's easy to discern that they're modern and fashionable, but you might be thinking to yourself, "Lexi, what on Earth do you mean by 'couture???' "

Typically, the use of the word "couture" is reserved for clothing. But, couture clothing isn't just any clothing:
It's handmade, tailored to fit an individual. It's a labor of love, as a couture gown can often take hundreds of hours to complete. Couture is admired for its craftsmanship, its attention to detail, and its luxe, beautiful quality.

My favorite quote about couture is from Cristobal Balenciaga:

"A couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for color, a musician for harmony, and a philosopher for temperance." 

When you bring your little ones into POSE PGH for a session, I become your photographic couturier, as I'm using my aesthetic, style, and knowledge to plan a fully-tailored session for each individual family.

There are SO MANY factors I'm considering when planning the session: What colors do your children love that will also look wonderful with their skin tones? What wardrobe colors will complement the background and prop colors? What creative concept can I dream up? How can I create props and/or custom backdrops for that concept? What poses will flatter this child? How can I merge the child's interests with Mom and Dad's style/aesthetic? How can I make it all match their decor to become beautiful wall art? Whew... and the list goes on and on!

The "couture" nature of POSE PGH doesn't stop with planning the session itself, though: I'm making custom music playlists for your time spent at the studio. I'm preparing your child's favorite snacks. I'm hand-making most of the props and backdrops we use. I'm retouching all of your images by hand (no presets or shortcuts).

Backdrop is all painted and ready for some cuties on Sunday! 💙 (I guess this is my "blue period?")

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All of these little details add up to epitomize what I feel is befitting to refer to as  a "couture portrait session," much like a luxurious gown is composed of many, individual tiny hand-sewn sequins.  

I can't wait to meet you and your children and get to work on your custom, couture experience!